Welcome to Hospitality Corporate Concierge

People hard pressed for time can now have the ultimate helping hand with the introduction of Hospitality Corporate Concierge.
Our concierge and lifestyle management team service those who need a PA at home just as much as at work.

We offer a host of services, from planning special events and meetings to making dinner and theatre reservations to finding and sending a special gift to an out-of-town spouse. Hospitality Corporate Concierge services are provided with professional, distinctive touches that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our services provide clients with a priceless commodity – more time. Prized by employees in fast-paced work environments and executives with hectic schedules, our concierge staff handles the little details so our clients can focus on other challenges. Hospitality Corporate Concierge delivers the highest levels of customer satisfaction, down to the very last detail.

Think of us as your Personal Time Provider. Simply by handing over your “To Do List” and making it ours, we can “give you the luxury of time” – the solution to an easier life.

Is your visit more personal oriented? Please contact Hospitality Desk Holland, your custom-made holiday planner.